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3 Cs of Action to . . .



& Commit . . .

Life & Business Coach

to the process of  achieving
your goals with purpose
and clarity.

Dr. Lia Abney

Veteran-owned business

Are you ready to...


Get clear on your priorities?

Get confident in your decisions?

Accomplish your goals?

As a business coach, I'm passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential. Using a strength-based approach I work in collaboration with my clients to provide guidance and support to them person can reach their desire goals. That's why I created Lia Abney, LLC, where I provide tailored strategies and expert guidance to help my clients boost revenue, plan strategically, and create impactful policies that drive success.

A business meeting

Through my coaching practice, I show clients that they have the resources within themselves to achieve their goals. My job is to help them find these resources and pull them out.

Discover the 3 Cs of Action and Get the Support You Need

I am here to help you...

  • Identify barriers that hinders you from accomplishing your goals using a personalized self-assessment.

  • Gain clarity on the direction your desire for your life.

  • Develop and create an action plan using Lia's model of the 3 Cs of Action to Connect, Communicate, and Commit to a strategic process to accomplish your personal or professional goals.

Transform Your Future Now with Professional Coaching

Don't wait another day to take control of your future. Contact
Lia Abney, LLC today to learn more about our Life and Business Coaching services and how they can help you reach your goals.


Lia has inspired so many people with her words of encouragement and knowledge.  She lets the best of you to be more than you are and supports you with all her heart and speaking the truth to you, so that you “keep moving’ and not give up on your purpose.
                  ~ Lisa  

Well, Dr. Abney understands that every individual and situation is unique, using a strength-based approach she provides tailored services that will help you reach your goals. Whether it's career advice, financial guidance, or a business strategy, she is here to help.

Don't wait another day to take control of your future.

How I Can Help


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For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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