Ms. Abney is a veteran with over 20 years of government service. Her expertise includes business processes, strategic planning and customer management relationship. She holds a Masters in Management and Public Administration and is currently pursing her doctorate in Public Policy with emphasis in Leadership. Her future endeavors includes pursuing a certification as a leadership coach.

In addition to Ms. Lia Abney's passion for guiding others to pursue their purpose. She has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. She strives to be connected to the community to advocate change to social issues that affects the wellbeing of families and small businesses across the United States and nationally. She is the founder of Victory Leadership Group, Inc. a nonprofit organization based in Hephzibah, GA. Offering various programs and services on character and leadership development Victory Leadership Group hosts a College Prep 101 Program for high school students and the Winning in Augusta Workshops to empower the community.

Victory Leadership Group (VLG) as a nonprofit mission is to build collaborative partnerships with community agencies. VLG collaborates with local and state representatives, businesses, churches, local schools in Georgia and South Carolina as well as the juvenile court systems. These collaborative efforts provides opportunity to strengthen and empower our communities...Building People - Building Kingdoms.