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Dr. Lia Abney is an inspiring trailblazer with a proven track record of success. She has been featured as a guest author on Meet the Elite Podcast, ATL Voyage Magazine, and Black Wealth Magazine. Dr. Abney is a recipient of the 2023 ESPY Award. She is also the recipient of the 2022 ACHI Award as a Management Analyst, and the 2019 Shero Award.

Message from the CEO:

Hi there! I'm your Life and Business Coach, and I'm here to help you build a better future for yourself. Whether achieving a personal or business goal, developing better relationships, or finding a greater sense of purpose and direction, I can help you make positive changes in your life. 

I'm an experienced strategic planner, and I bring my knack for problem-solving and strategic thinking to all of my sessions. With my expertise and knowledge gained through years of study, I can help you identify growth areas and guide you through creating positive changes. Whatever your goals, I'm here to collaborate with you in building a brighter future. 

At our sessions, we'll focus on goal setting, problem-solving and developing strategies to help you succeed. I'm passionate about helping you unleash your potential and achieve your goals and dreams. With my help, you can learn to take control of your life and create the life you desire. 

Take the next step and contact me today. Together, we'll work on building a brighter future and create a plan to help you succeed. I'm excited to work with you and I'm committed to seeing you reach your goals. 


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