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Embracing the New Norm

COVID 19 has changed how business is done on a day to day basis. Most small businesses thrive on the personal connection with each new product and service. So how then do we as small business owners stay relevant and continue to grow in these times? First it takes careful thought on what areas that can be transformed to a an online presence. An online presence helps business owners like yourself to stay connected with your customers. How and what you communicate will be essential to forging a relationship established in trust to gain loyal followings.

By now most if not all of you reading this blog understands the impact of social media and how images and stories shared can influence what your followers think. However, social media used to build an online presence can also help to understand the interest of your followers and provides an opportunity to turn them into potential clients. I want to warn you this sometimes is a hit and miss but if you stick with it and develop a plan you will get the results you desire.

Here are a 3 tools I used to build an online presence:

1. - I absolutely love using Canva. Canva is a an online graphic design tool that helps you to create all sorts of graphics. There is a free option and the pro option for a fee which opens more features to capture that eye catching post. Below is just one of the graphics I was able to make using Canva!