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An Eye for an Eye

This is part 3 of the "Overcoming Hurt" series of blogs. The purpose of this blog is to help those that are still hurting from past experiences to #keepitmoving. Let's destroy the habit of holding others hostage, from holding yourself is out of anger, fear, and confusion that forgiveness eludes us.

We all have heard the saying "An Eye for an Eye" - what harm another gives to you deserves the same. However, to live a life of anger can only be detrimental to your purpose in life. What a shame it would be to go through life hurting so much that forgiveness is not an option. There is a notion that to remain angry gives you total control when in most cases you might find yourself out of control.

To keep from being hurt you might build up walls which is designed to keep out those you might hurt you when in some cases you might adopt habits that creates barriers that will prevent you from engaging in a positive manner with the world around you. One thing that I have had to learn through conflict is to cultivate a generous heart towards those that have hurt me. This does not give an open invitation into my life. However, I can forgive and #keepitmoving.

You see, a revengeful spirit is not of God; personal injury must not be returned in kind – Romans 12:14 states, "Ask God to bless those who persecute you—yes, ask him to bless, not to curse." Romans 12:14, was a reminder while I was going through my divorce after being married for 15 years helped me tremendously. I had to seek a way to pray earnestly for my "then husband" to be blessed rather than remain in hurt in order for my children to reap the benefits for him to have a good life to care so that their father could provide for them. However, this was not an overnight process. It took time but I was eventually better for it and so will you as you go through your own journey of healing. There is truth in setting people free and yourself when "Overcoming Hurt".

Here are two key dangers that will hinder the process to #keepitmoving:

Emotional Buildup – there are devastating effects that can buildup in our systems. Allow spirits of anger, hate, bitterness, rejection, etc. which can lay under the surface as a constant reminder to feelings of hurt – escalating you to a higher level of turmoil . Theses feelings are just a reflection of what is going on in your thought life (what you are really believing).

Battle of the Mind – what you allow to play over in your mind eventually will be; Get to the root of the problem and apply God’s word; choose to believe what the word says over how you feel, then what you feel will begin to change; feelings are just the fruit of our thoughts and beliefs. Discerning what your feelings are really telling you and applying the word leads to freedom and victory.

I hope these words encourage you to explore some of your own emotional responses to the world around you. Are they rooted in past hurts? Are your reactions mechanisms to prevent hurt from happening again? Are your getting the response you are expecting due to the way you respond? If your response to these questions are ones that you would like to change I would like to invite you to register to "Just Say: O.U.C.H" free webinar on our service page.

Stay tuned to our next blog as we end this topic of "Overcoming Hurt".

Many Blessings,

Lia Abney, Author

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