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Grace - His Grace is Sufficient (Part I)


In 2020,” Grace” has resonated within me. So, I'm on this journey to understand grace and how to operate in grace. Why? Because there are times I feel like I have made a complete mess of my life or I feel inadequate in my abilities. I know for some you might say I lack confidence. When actually I feel as though I am not worthy of such a journey. Perhaps you have felt the same way at some time in your life. However, I am looking to tackle 2020 differently.

There are so many times that we find things to be a little hard to overcome. For instance, in this season I am in a decision to transition from federal service after 25 plus years. It has my nerves on end. The decision to continue for a few years or take a chance to get out now. So, how do I start without feeling like I am stumbling all over myself? I want to walk this out with grace not stumbling over myself and later regretting my hesitance to it afraid.

Grace is defined as divine favor. The kind of favor that gets you through and empowers you to keep moving. That kind of favor that makes you feel so confident in your abilities that you are unwilling to give up just because things get a little rocky.