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Dangers of Internalizing Hurt

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. We enter this world with the uncertainty of how things may turn out. How we respond to the world around us may be rooted in false self image and feeling of bitterness. Recognizing when you are internalizing hurt feelings can help you to respond differently to live a more fulfilling life.

Manage your feeling in a positive way.
Internalized thoughts of unfairness, inferiority, guilt or spite, resentment and anger can lead to bitterness.

"False Self" Image

How we respond to hurt can greatly affect our character in such a way that what we project to others can affect their perception of who you truly are. If you look at Naomi (Book of Ruth) in the bible many couldn't recognize her from her hometown. The reason why is because her feelings of hurt after she lost close loved ones resulted in her character and her behavior to change in such a way that she was not recognizable to even those who knew her. We fall into a path of "False Self" image when we are unable to express in a healthy way how we are feeling. Don't fall into the trap of putting on a mask to hide the hurt you are feeling.